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In this OrbitGTM Review, you will learn all about how you can grow as a trader with this online trading firm. When you are new to online trading, you need to be careful when selecting the brokerage firm that you will create your account with. Putting aside the fact that there are many scams disguised as brokers on the web, the trading firms that are not scams are also not always good. You need to find a brokerage firm that is beginner-friendly yet it doesn’t coddle you too much. This means that it offers modern trade features and services while maintaining a beginner-friendly atmosphere.

The online trading firm OrbitGTM is the perfect choice for a broker that is beginner-friendly yet provides room for growth.  Let’s review some of its top features.

Top Features of OrbitGTM

Wide Range of Assets

The long list of assets that OrbitGTM allows the trade of is one of the main reasons why it is such a popular trading firm. The broker supports the trade of forex, cryptocurrencies, indices, bonds, shares, stocks, and commodities. As a new trader, you can learn how to trade with different assets and identify how to balance your investments with different assets. Traders can build and maintain a diverse trade portfolio with so many different investment opportunities available to them. Another added benefit of having access to such a large variety is that you can practice low-risk trading.

Diverse Account Options

The trading account options that OrbitGTM offers show how you can start from a beginner and become a professional trader by trading with one trading firm. This is why OrbitGTM is such a great choice for new traders because provides them with the opportunity to grow as a trader. The account types start from the basic account and move all the way up to the VIP account. The account types that you can choose from include the Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and VIP options. You can start from any account type that you think suits you best and upgrade your account later.

Propriety Trading Platform

OrbitGTM offers a propriety trading platform to its users. The platform is in the form of a web trader which is great because web traders are very easy to use. It is packed with a lot of modern trade tools which help trades in making investment decisions that can turn out to be profitable. Some of these tools include one-click trading, charting and analytical tools, and a trading calendar, amongst others. The interface of the platform is intuitive and user-friendly which is also a bonus.

Algo Trading

Algo trading is the automated trading feature that some online trading firms offer. OrbitGTM also offers the modern feature of Algo trading which is great for all types of traders. The asset markets are very volatile and so to make sure that you don’t miss out on any good investment opportunities, you need to constantly monitor them. The Algo trader monitors the market for you and invests whenever a good position opens under the set of conditions that you set. New traders who are not confident about investing themselves can set some criteria and learn from the openings the bot pursues.


The regulatory license of a firm confirms that it is a trustworthy platform. It is very important to take note of the regulatory status of the trading firm before deciding to sign up with it. You can determine whether a broker is trustworthy or not by checking its regulations. This is because scams and fraudulent schemes are not regulated.  OrbitGTM is a licensed firm that is compliant with the KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) policies.

Final Thoughts

The features and services offered by OrbitGTM make sure that the trader has the opportunity to grow into their career. This is clear from the list of assets and the ranging account types that are offered. While OrbitGTM is a good choice for all kinds of traders, new traders can especially benefit from the features that this brokerage firm offers.

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