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In today’s hectic world, which allows very little time for ourselves, stress has become a dominating factor. Stress is a natural response we receive from our mind and body to cope with negative situations that could cause us harm….an automatic response developed in our ancient ancestors for protection from danger and for the purpose of self-survival. Nowadays however, we are constantly under stress and our natural response to danger has transformed into a problem that needs solving.

We would all like to feel more relaxed with yoga swing, and practising yoga on a regular basis can give us an immediate source of peace and well-being. By attending our courses, you will be able to learn stress management techniques and how to deal with anxiety, irritability and other negative emotions which we have to cope with in our everyday lives.

Our mind is in fact the source of all our problems and if we are aware that our mind creates stress even though we are not in danger, then we are on the right path. If our mind is indeed the cause of the problem, by practising yoga we become aware that the mind is also the solution…. and daily practise will lead us to the understanding that everyday worries are not all that important after all.

We are all well aware of the importance of breathing in the management of our emotions. Therefore, the first thing to do to combat stress is to learn yoga breathing techniques and the fundamental principles of Asana to promote relaxation.

Balancing your body energy

A peaceful life where limiting our mood swings is possible, comes from the ability to keep the energies that govern our body in balance by practising specific Asanas and Pranayama. By attending YOGAMEA yoga classes you will learn these techniques under the careful guidance of your teacher.

Training your mind

The second fundamental element in stress management is to train your mind to focus on the here and now as much as possible. It’s no use thinking about the past which cannot be changed or about the future which can’t be predicted and could lead to excessive confidence or excessive anxiety…..focusing on the here and now is the key to living a happy life.


yoga trapeze bases its principles on proper breathing and at our yoga courses you’ll learn to unwind and get rid of tension by using the breathing techniques. An ideal breathing technique can be achieved easily, and should accompany every yoga sequence. Deep, slow breaths during asana will bring immediate inner peace.

Venting anger

To win the battle against stress you must, first of all, free yourself of pent-up anger within your heart……and in this case as well, yoga is a valuable ally for releasing nervous tension, for example by doing the sun salutation.

Make a wish

Practising aerial yoga hammock on a regular basis, perhaps by attending the yoga course offered by YOGAMEA, allows you to better plan your future and realize your dreams and to focus on the steps to take in order to reach your personal and professional goals.

So, if you’re experiencing a stressful situation our advice is to dedicate some time to yourself…..perhaps by attending one of the yoga retreats organized by the YOGAMEA school of yoga.

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