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Owning a business has many benefits as well as drawbacks. One of the advantages is the amount of money you can save through taxes. Historically, the government in most countries, the US being in the lead, have been favorable for business owners. They have paved way for business owners to cut cost through tax deduction among other things. So tax laws are written in such a way that anyone working for another company will have the urge or aspiration to start their own. Many of the laws have also reduced the risk of owning business as well as encourage entrepreneurial activities to a great extent. 

However, you need to pay your fair share to the government. Paying more is foolish but paying less will land you in jail or be held accountable for a hefty fine that may run into thousands of dollars for a small amount. By being a business owner, you are not taking advantage of the system because the system itself is designed that way. You are entitled to some deductions, doesn’t mean you can get away without paying any tax. 

As a business owner, the first thing to know is the big difference between earning income and making a profit. Being in a business is not about earning income – the total amount that comes in – but to generate profit after paying overhead and taxes. The money that ultimately makes its way to your bank account, one that sticks around is available for your disposal. The amount of tax is based on many factors including expenses and savings from previous years. The key to make maximum profit is to know where all the allowable deductions are and to keep a close eye on the revenue and expenditure. There are many software to do this online and some of them are very inexpensive to use. And then there are professionals like accounts receivable management cleveland oh who will handle the task without hassles. 

Remember that paying tax is also about timing. By the time you are filing your business tax return, you must have paid around 80% or more of the tax. Some of the taxes like business tax is due early on when the year starts. You need to fill all the appropriate tax forms including the estimated tax forms for the next year. There are deadlines for filing everything from payroll tax to business tax. 

Business deductions and profit are directly proportional to one another. The more the allowable deductions, the more profit you can make in a given year. What constitutes as a deduction for one business type may not be the same for another type of business. The IRS has its own way to decide whether you are running a legitimate business or a hobby. The IRS says you need to show a profit for at least three years out of five years to consider the business legitimate. Additionally, in a real business, you are allowed to take all allowed deductions whereas hobbyists are restricted from doing so.

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