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If you’re looking for a first-time checking account, whether it’s for yourself or maybe for one of your kids, there are a lot of things to think about. First-time checking accounts can be difficult to determine; you typically want a straightforward account without a lot of fees and few extra flairs. The Chime spending account could be the right checking account for your needs. Here are four of the best benefits of the Chime checking account.

1. No Minimum Opening Balance or Balance Requirements

Some accounts require that you have a certain amount of money to deposit when you open your account, or that you keep a certain amount of money in the account at all times. Chime does away with these requirements, allowing you to open and maintain an account no matter how much money you have. Whether you need a place to keep over $1,000 or you typically maintain a balance under $100, Chime will keep your account open.

2. No Fees

One of the biggest draws of Chime is the fact that there are essentially no fees. There are no overdraft fees, no monthly maintenance fees, and no ATM fees. The only fee that Chime does charge is a small fee if you use an out-of-network ATM or you withdraw cash over the counter with your debit card. With no fees attached, Chime is a great option for people who just need a spending account and don’t need the extra benefits that may come with an account that charges a maintenance fee.

3. Direct Deposit Options and Benefits

Direct deposit can be a great option, especially for people who work a job with a traditional employer. With direct deposit, instead of giving you a physical paycheck that you need to actually deposit at your bank, you can give your employer your direct deposit information and have them deposit the money electronically. Direct deposit often gives you access to your paycheck more quickly, and if you have over $500 in your Chime direct deposit, you’re eligible for SpotMe, which gives you fee-free overdraft options.

4. Connected Savings Accounts

You can choose to open a savings account with Chime if you want an easier way to save money alongside your checking account. The savings account is a high-yield account, with an APY that’s much higher than the national average, and there are no minimum balance requirements or caps on how much you’ll earn. You can even automatically have Chime transfer a portion of your earnings into your savings account on a regular basis.


Chime is a great spending account if you’re looking for something with minimal fees and minimal fuss. While an account at a traditional bank can be great to access certain benefits like mortgages and loans, if that’s not something you need right now, the extra fuss may not be worth the hassle. Anyone who’s looking for a simplistic checking account, especially one for the very first time, might want to check out Chime.

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